Yard cleaning and ferrous and
non-ferrous scrap accumulation system

Easy and quick to use, it forks and pushes with a forklift. The broom allows for the quick and effective sweeping and cleaning of the yards and, thanks to the front shovel, optimises the accumulation of materials pushed into heaps.

Can be used with different types of materials:

  • Scrap, Turnings and chips of various types
  • Industrial waste
  • Plastic and cellophane
  • Wood scraps
  • Dirt and sand
  • Any other scattered material
  • Simple and effective applicable to any forklift
  • Fast and efficient optimising time and work on the yards
  • A clean and orderly environment can enhance one's creativity and productivity

with or without shovel

Dimensions: 1980 x 1200 mm – h 550 mm – weight 450 kg
Removable brushes